H2A.Z, lot A2039P IF assay

HeLa cells were stained with the Diagenode antibody against H2A.Z and with DAPI. Cells were fixed with 4% formaldehyde for 10’ and blocked with PBS/TX-100 containing 5% normal goat serum and 1% BSA. Figure A: cells were immunofluorescently labeled with the H2A.Z antibody (left) diluted 1:500 in blocking solution followed by an anti-rabbit antibody conjugated to Alexa488. The middle
panel shows staining of the nuclei with DAPI. A merge of the two stainings is shown on the right. Figure B, C and D: staining of the cells with the H2A.Z antibody after incubation of the antibody with 10 ng/µl of two peptides containing a sequence from the central part of the H2A.Z protein (figure B and C)and with the peptide used for immunisation of the rabbit (figure D).
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