H3K4me3, lot A5051-001P ChIP assay, 10e6 HeLa cells

ChIP assays were performed using human HeLa cells, the Diagenode antibody against H3K4me3 (cat. No. pAb-003-050) and optimized PCR primer pairs for qPCR. ChIP was performed with the "Auto Histone ChIP-seq" kit (cat. No. AB-Auto02-A100), using sheared chromatin from 1 million cells. A titration consisting of 1, 2, 5 and 10 µg of antibody per ChIP experiment was
analyzed. IgG (2 µg/IP) was used as a negative IP control. Quantitative PCR was performed with primers specific for the promoter of the active genes GAPDH and EIF4A2, used as positive controls, and for exon 2 of the inactive myoglobin (MB) gene and the Sat2 satellite repeat, used as negative controls. Figure 1 shows the recovery, expressed as a % of input
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