H3K4me1, lot A1863-001P ChIP assay

ChIP assays were performed using human K562 cells, the Diagenode antibody against H3K4me1 and optimized PCR primer sets for qPCR. ChIP was performed with the "iDeal ChIP-seq" kit (cat. No. AB-001-0024), using sheared chromatin from 100 000 cells. A titration of the antibody consisting of 0.2, 0.5, 1 and 2 µg per ChIP experiment was analysed. IgG
(1 µg/IP) was used as negative IP control. QPCR was performed with primers for ACTB and GAS2L1 genes, used as positive controls, and for the promoters of EIF4A2 and GAPDH, used as negative controls. The figure shows the recovery, expressed as a % of input (the relative amount of immunoprecipitated DNA compared to input DNA after qPCR analysis).
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